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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Honda motorcycles in india nice view

Honda motorcycles in india

Team ICB was one of the first on the circuit to bring you buzz about the Bajaj Boxer being relaunched as a 150cc rugged, utility motorcycle. Now, we have more dope emerging on what the Boxer 150 would be called. Bajaj seems to be taking a pre-dominantly semi urban and rural approach with the 150cc Boxer with the tag line of “Bharat Bike” to be used to reach out to the masses across India. As with the moniker and branding strategy, the Boxer 150 is expected to replace the likes of the Escorts Rajdoot 175 and Yezdi 250s, which predominantly have been the load luggers in many parts of semi urban and rural India, known for their ruggedness and load carrying ability.

With the four stroke 150cc Boxer, Bajaj Auto aims to deliver good load carrying ability as motorcycles in rural India continue to be used not just to transport people, but other goods as well. Fuel economy though could be the biggest loser as a 150cc motorcycle can scarcely match a 100cc motorcycle for outright fuel economy. However, Bajaj might skirt this issue by offering the Boxer 150 at a INR 40,000 price mark, which is about the same as entry level 100cc motorcycles like the best selling Hero Honda Splendor. So, at that price a 150cc rugged motorcycle might actually find takers for the added ruggedness despite a lower fuel economy.

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