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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Modifikasi Yamaha V-ixion 2008

Modifikasi Yamaha Vixion
GAMBAR Modifikasi Yamaha Vixion
Yamaha Vixion from Yogyakarta who contracted the virus Fiat 46. Now we first review deh V-Ixion Body Work arable workshop Belper (BBW), Yogyakarta. V-Ixion BBW helped change the basic design of the V-Ixion that was already good."V-Ixioneasiest modif body. Tanks and strong box delta moge design nuances. So,add the middle to the back of the body alone is sip," beber Sarjani,modifier of BBW, which based on Jl. Wates, km 10, Bantul, Jogja.3228vixion-gt-2.jpgJani words mean, call Sarjani, fairing and tail have a headache ngukurnya baseball if for V-Ixion. Stay adjusted with the dimensions and deltabox aja. So this is a benchmark that makes easy work crew BBW. Once made, so the fairing and tail directly without the need for guessing the right size.Hence, the body and tail is very compact with a standard tank. Deltabox was allowed as the original. Nothing ever tuh cut frame or chassis-related changes. "So, the V-Ixion make modifications easily than most other types of output Yamaha sport bike," beber Jani 28-year-old.

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