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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Yamaha T-Max Scooter Picture

Yamaha T-Max Scooter Picture
Yamaha T-Max Scooter Picture

Yamaha T-MAX is the scooter with 2 cylinder, accommodation of 499cc, DOHC, aqueous cooled, ability was able to barf 43.5HP at 7500 RPM. Torsion that is big abundant 45 Nm at 6500 RPM! Brakes advanced and rear disc anchor ... already! Moreover, there is additionally a adaptation that is affirmed ABS anchor and the abeyant weaknesses that tend scooter agent anchor can do! Tank accommodation of 15 liters .. Motor has a weight of 221 kg for the non-ABS and 225 kg for the ABS!

Yamaha T-Max scooter comes with an affected architecture with a adventurous aspect that has aerial achievement of a ample achievement this Yamaha big scooter.

Two ample headlamp on the advanced up with the architecture and arresting lamps that bout with the headlamp, and accomplish the advanced of the T-Max has a bland corner. Well admired and ablaze generated by the headlamp and arresting lights accept to accommodated the aegis element.

In addition, the affected console in the speedometer, adequate and be apparent that T-Max is actual adequate back ride, is to architecture seat such as the sofa.

In accession to the architecture and convenience, in my T-Max will be the agreement with the abutment good adjustment CF Die-casting aluminum anatomy Diamond, so that the administration of abutment adherence this yamaha big scooter.

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